Refund / Return Policy

Due to the nature of limited availabilities in positions at club events, no refunds are available for any circumstances and all bookings are permanent. However, in the event that an event is cancelled by CIY.Club, a refund will be made available for each event and/or training session that did not occur. If you have a query or concern regarding your payment and would like to discuss options, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

CIY.Club Attendance – Parental Acknowledgement

At CIY.Club, we strive to create a fun, engaging and most importantly, safe learning environment for all of our coders – no matter what their age. This includes ensuring a smooth process with the transition of Duty of Care responsibilities. During both the arrival and departure times of our coders, our team at CIY.Club have a number of compulsory requirements;

  • All coders / students are to be accompanied on and off site by their respective parent(s) or nominated guardian(s)
  • All coders are to be signed in / signed out using the CIY.Club attendees list, as provided by the event Coaches
  • Any special requirements are communicated with your event organiser in either the lead up to the event or upon the arrival / drop-off period – Special requirements may include but are not limited to: Dietary requirements (Inc. Allergies), Specific learning needs, location of emergency medical supplies (Inc. EpiPens).

By purchasing your CIY.Club event ticket, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the above terms as a condition upon entry to your respective event.

On behalf of our entire team at CIY.Club nationally, we thank you for your ongoing support, enthusiasm and understanding surrounding the matter of child safety.


Delivery timeframe

Not applicable as there are no goods purchased. All services are rendered on the day of booking.