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CIY.Club ‘Full Day’ Session

CIY.Club (Weekly Sessions)

What ‘event type’ is best for my young coder(s)?

Depending on their experience level, they may want to jump straight into our weekly Clubs or come and try out some various areas of technology through our holiday Camps. The above suggested pathway indicates an ideal flow of learning for a new student.

What is the difference between a CIY.Club and camp?

At CIY.Club, we  provide young coders with the opportunity to pursue their interests in technology and discover new passions along the way! This is why we have created different event structures in order to open up greater options outside of school hours.

Our CIY.Clubs run for 1 or 2 hour blocks after school on, weekends and throughout school holidays.

Our full day camps are a 6 hour session which are designed to provide an overview and teach the foundations of various topics for our coders. Camps are predominantly run during the school holidays and are a fun activity to begin with CIY.Club!

For more detail on our events, and to see which is best suited to you, please refer to the CIY.Clubs and Camps page.

What do we need to bring on the day(s) we attend CIY?

Our team at CIY.Club strive to make it easy for our young coders to access technology and enhance their skills for the future. CIY.Club and CIY Camp attendees are supplied with the following during the time spent with our coaches:

  • MacBook Air laptops
  • Internet (Including laptop control and monitoring software for classroom management)
  • Professionally trained instructors (ICT Knowledge and Behavioural Management)
  • Activities, games and prizes
  • Additional technology and resources required for the theme of their session (e.g. 3D printing materials, certificates, CIY.Club Achievement Passport and wristbands)

What age group does CIY.Club cater for?

Our goal is to reach as many young coders as possible! We cater for ages 7 – 17.

How big is each group of coders at CIY.Clubs and camps?

The size of each CIY.Club group may vary dependent on the event and location attended. Almost all CIY.Club sessions contain anywhere between 5 – 35 coders. No matter the group size, our coaches are resourced to to work closely with each attending coder. At CIY.Club, the mix of ages, backgrounds and skill levels make our sessions a great learning environment where participants flourish!

Does the group stay in front of the screen all day?

At CIY.Club, although we are passionate about our coders learning as much as they can through their devices, we also encourage time away from the screen to assist with focus levels and to stimulate further group bonding. Our events, depending on timeframe, utilise a variety of offline activities for our coders, which are fun, engaging and assist with Club team building. These games also give the chance for coders to win some extra prizes!

Who will be supervising my young coder(s) during their CIY.Club sessions?

Our team at CIY.Club is comprised of professionally trained instructors who operate in both the ScopeIT Education and CIY.Club environment on a regular basis. All coaches have a Working With Children Check (WWCC) clearance and understand the important principles behind the content we deliver. These attributes, paired with professional development in classroom management skills, lead our coaches to be an all round mentor for our coders.

I would like to get more involved with ScopeIT Education and CIY.Club myself and/or through my work/workplace. How can I do so?

We are always excited to hear from parents in our communities who share the same enthusiasm for educating kids in all areas of Digital Technologies! There are a number of avenues in which you can become more involved:

  • Become a Coach / Instructor: Keep your eyes out for available job positions in your area, for both ScopeIT Education (in school program) and CIY.Club (outside of school programs).

Get your School or Workplace to host a CIY.Club or School Holiday Camp

We run ‘Private / Reserved’ events for exclusive groups of young coders. If you would like to register interest for these events, please visit our current event listing to determine if we are in your area. You may also contact us directly for assistance or any ideas you may have involving your school or workplace.

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