At our CIY one-day school holiday sessions, children can come and turn their imaginations into technological reality with learning at all ability levels.

Sign-up for one of our school holiday camps to get a taste of what technology is all about. If you already know you love technology, jump straight into our after-school clubs. Try out a CIY.Club school holiday camp to get an exciting snapshot of our CIY.Club. When you have discovered coding with our camps, move on to an after-school CIY.Club.

Camps are a one-day (6 hour) session in the school holidays for young technology enthusiasts. We run a selection of one-day camps in various tech skills including: game coding, 3D printing, website creation and Minecraft.

game coding camp


Learn the basics of computer coding and game creation. We teach you how to make your very first computer game and in just one day you will be able to put together a few different games using graphics and basic coding to make it interactive. You can take your games home and continue to develop them. Game Coding Camps are for beginners and intermediate coders alike, with content suitable for attendees to learn the foundations and design different games. Ages 7 – 17.

3d printing and design


Learn the basics of 3D design. Coders get an exciting opportunity to experience a new technology that is changing the way we view, imagine and interact with the world. 3D printers can now print with 250 different materials, producing things like toys, houses, food, jewellery, cars, clothing, prosthetics and even jet engines are now in reach of our creative fingertips! We show you how to move and stretch shapes into bigger, more complex objects. With a few tricks and tips, you will be creating amazing 3D things in just one day! Ages 7 – 17.


In a world full of electronic devices, we introduce students to real world, hands on electronic design. They design, create and build projects to inspire them to understand the connection between design, function and production. They combine the hardware they build with software and coding that they write to make some truly fantastic projects, providing inspiration and skills to shape their future. Ages 7 – 17.


Imagine being able to design, create and customise your very own website using this excellent introductory day camp. Learn the basics of website design, a widely sought after skill in today’s tech age! We teach you how to design a website from scratch utilising one of today’s most engaging and popular design systems. You will be able to make your very own custom website and you will be able to load it in a browser. Design your own colours, images and menus whilst being introduced to the basics of website development. After just one day, your website can be fully functional. You can take your website home and continue to develop it. Ages 7 – 17.

minecraft modding


For Existing Minecraft Players

Learn to code with Minecraft! Programming is power, get a head start in life by developing invaluable skills in coding with Minecraft. Bring your account along to our camp sessions and our team of coaches will show you how to use Java to control a Minecraft server, build mods and design your own games.

***PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that all coders attending the CIY.Club Minecraft Modding Camp MUST have an existing personal Minecraft (PC/Mac) account. Coders must have this in order to participate in the camp. Please note: a Minecraft account on a mobile device or playstation is NOT a PC or Mac account.


For all coders! – We will provide the Minecraft account (education edition) to you for the day of the event.

Learn to code with Minecraft and undertake exciting challenges with team mates! Why not combine a child’s love of Minecraft with team building, problem solving and competitive activities. Children will then unleash their creative minds as they learn how to manipulate the Minecraft world using coding! Ages 8-17.

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