CIY.Club hosts weekly events for young coders to come and learn, train and master technology after school for 1-2 hours.

Learn the foundations underlying some of today’s most exciting areas of Technology! From Game Coding and Website Development to 3D Printing, Robotics or App Design, Coders are encouraged to follow their interests and embark on a journey to Learn, Train and Master skills for the future. Come and join your local club today!

**PLEASE NOTE: Club sessions commence on the date and time specified. Sessions run weekly for the number of weeks / days specified for Club period.


This is where the path to the magical world of coding begins! Start with the basics and progress at your own pace.

CODE HEROES, Ages 12-17

For the more advanced kids, start with the fundamentals then select your chosen skill path as you become a champion of code.

CIY.Club level up

Can you make it to the next level? Follow our structured levelling system as you code your way through puzzles, games, apps, websites and electronics. Train through each level on your way to code mastery.

CIY.Club earn achievements

Choose your own destiny. Target the achievements that matter most to you and follow your own path to the next Level. Will you be a master of puzzles, or are you a puzzle creator? Who will be the first to complete all the achievements?

CIY.Club keep learning

So you can already program a computer to say “Hello World”? Keep training with CIY.Club and until you can release a game on the app store or design and create a robot from 3D printed parts!

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